Friday, September 3, 2010

a feeling you can't describe

This is Mary Robinson.
I can't say much because she it's so hard to describe her photography.
She has such a talent for working wonders on film and what can be done with it.
Her work is so gorgeous I always end up staring at the computer like a freak because I'm in awe.
And do you know what? She is only 17. (crazy? yes, you would think she would be in her twenties!)
Here are some of my favorite photos by her.

You can find Mary Robinson:




  1. awwww astrid you're so sweet!! thank you so so much
    this made me smile so big (:

  2. Oh gosh, I have been following Mary's work for a while and she never ceases to make me smile -- her work is just lovely <3 <3

    Great find!