Tuesday, September 7, 2010

before the rain

Today (as tradition) me and my mom went shopping.
It's the thing we have done for years, on the very first day of school :)
(don't remember? I'm home-schooled, so my mom is not just pulling me out on the first day to shop *wink*)
I got a new pair of converse in lime green :)
This makes me very happy!
Sadly I only have a few photos because just after I took a few photos it started to rain :(

You like?

Whats your favorite shoe?



  1. yummy limalicious shoes!! And fabulous photos (specially that last one!)
    Fav shoes ... nope, can't choose one pair! I love my new(ish) plaid winter boots and my baby blue bowling-style Doc Martens. But then there's my kickass black leather Harley Davidson boots. And my vintage yellow pretty shoes. Oh, and let's not forget my most-worn pair of red shoes.

    I really wish I had 100 pairs of shoes sitting in a closet all of their own. ;)

  2. Love the new converse! Very awesome! And, so glad to find another "blogger/indie/homeshool/unshcool" girl. :D Keep on rocking!

  3. Happy non-first day of unschool ;)

    (PS. When I see you tomorrow I wanna chat about homeschooling too!)

  4. Very cute Astrid :)
    The skirt is from bluenotes, no?
    I almost got it but instead one in a different pattern :)
    How's homeschool going?


  5. i LOVE those shoes!!! my favorite pair of shoes has to be a toss up between a pair from grade 10 that have been covered in lime green duct tape (my favorite part is my whole family hating them! they're so comfy!) and a 'replacement' pair to those...they are blue and skater and have a pretty sparkly blue design on them!! :)
    point of comment: you rock.