Thursday, August 26, 2010

yes, I'm very happy

I'm happy.
Like very happy.
First a fantastic day in Toronto with my mother and best friend, we went to the AGO and saw the new Drama and Desire show that has a few of my favourite art from Degas and others.
Then we went shopping and I got a rad batman shirt I have had my eye on for a long time.
THEN we went to So You Think You Can Dance Canada and got a photo with Mary Murphy! (seen in my last post here )
Then the next day I got my hair cut by a girl named Jill ( recommended by my godmother ) She did a fantastic job and I thank her so much!
After getting my hair cut we went to winners because my dad said he saw some cool headphones that I might like! They as I imagined were really nice so I now have new headphones :)
All of this and a lot of other stuff is making me smile tonight :)
What has you smiling?

Oh yes I also got Scott Pilgrim VS. the world!



  1. you are all thousand kinds of cool!! things that are making me happy: writing letters to loved ones and strangers ( and knitting a square for charity!! i'm also excited for baking school in two weeks :)

  2. sweet Batman tee!! Love this beautifulgeekyhappy post. That's made me happy! xox
    LOVE the new 'do!!

  3. love the batman tee!!!! nice hair too :)
    Were you using photobooth?
    vewy cool :)


  4. yes Photo booth is y best friend :)

  5. Sounds like a fun day! I love the haircut :)

  6. why thank you! It was wonderful ^_^

  7. There are many things I am in love with in the above post. The fact that you seem like a closet geek/hardcore geek like me, with your batman tee-shirt and scott pilgrim comic-my personal favorite, coming in only second to the original transformers comics! :D

    Your hair. Even though I have no clue what it looked like before, it's just pure love!

    I also like that you met Mary Murphy a few posts down! Like, wow. I adore her. I can't even put it into an eloquent sophisticated sentence, I just love her so much!

    I found your blog today via your wonderful Godmother's blog, and I just love you already! Your blog is everything I look for, and for a girl just a tad younger than me, I see a lot of spirit and hope and relatability in you, it's just so refreshing to find! I look forward to many more fantastic posts, my dear.

    Have a wonderful day, you deserve something else thats special.

    Much Love,
    Norah of 'Lets run away'

  8. hi Astrid, Last night "the big bang theory" was on and my son said "it's what astrid likes" so I had a laugh watching it with them. the same son has a superman t-shirt, given to him by a relative- you'd make a good photo shoot together, a real geeky big bang shoot. Love, VJ in oz.

  9. this day was actually quite awesome :) I loved going to see sytycdc and the museum was pretty sweet :) thanks for taking me there!!!

    Kaylie :)