Monday, August 30, 2010

down with webster!

Yesterday I went to go see down with webster at the canadian wake board festival with my brother Alek!
We went and watched some wake boarding after we got our tickets, then Robyn Arnold Alek and I sat by the water and enjoyed the sun and ate doritos :)

At four fifteen Down with webster started playing :)
It was a fantastic day altogether!
Here are just some of the 200 photo's I took...

Me and Robyn in the jeep (our hair had a mind of its own)

Yes we had to take photo's of our feet!

Cute bulldog named Charlie.

Ciao for now!




  1. How stinking fun! Great pictures

  2. pretty much one of the funnest days of the summer! :) loveyou.

  3. looks like fun! That last picture is just adorable :)

  4. ooh laa laa!
    your blog makes my insides happy!
    the pretty pictures are so grand!
    how splendid indeed! x x