Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patti McGee

Hello my lovely followers! 

Today I'm here to talk about Patti McGee. 
Patti McGee was 19 when she became the first professional female skateboarder in history. 
She started out as a surfer and when there was no where to surf her and her friends would go find a hill to skateboard. 
I find Patti such an interesting and wonderful woman for her courage and strength and no fear for doing something different. It was a very big thing being a female skateboarder and she is for sure a role model and ultimate bad ass.

Did I mention she made the cover of life magazine? Yep. 

(all images via google)

I truly adore this woman and am so happy I found out about her (first discovered her in my Tomboy Style book I got for my birthday).

Reading up on her makes me excited for the summer for longboarding and finally getting my board! 

Do you have any inspiring women you adore? 

Miss Wednesday 


  1. LOVE this!! So glad you posted about her. I used to skateboard a long time ago (alongside boyfriends and stuff) and recently tried my hand at longboarding. My first time, I busted my butt bombing a hill and ripped my favorite jeans in half! It was so much fun, though.

  2. This is awesome!! I am going to share this with Patti. :)

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