Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm still here!!

Why haven't I posted?! Well.... miss Charlie (my mac book pro) got a little sick and needed some new fixings. She's still in the process of getting better (new screen Wednesday *crosses fingers)
So Astrid without her darling charlie is not a very bloggy person. I could on my iphone, but that would just be instagram pictures and I'm sure your not too interested in a bunch of those! 

So here we are, best friends again, Astrid and Charlie. 

On another note, Holy is christmas coming up! 
I got in a little christmas spirit today and took some antler-ific pictures *wink* 

(Last one I had to use just for Sh*ts and giggles, cause I crack myself up pretending to be a super hero ;)

Dont vintage dresses saddle shoes and antler headbands make for some great christmas spirit? 

Miss Wednesday 


  1. Astrid! Girl! You are just to darn cute!! You beautiful thing! Love the antler ears! I've got mine in my room waiting to be used on Christmas day :)

  2. Love the antlers!