Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grandpa sweater weather!

Ok, so this post is called Grandpa sweater weather... but its really a lie because i wore this today and FROZE.
Good for inside but if its snowing and -2 maybe not ;) 


This morning I woke up and said BLAH I don't want to dress up. Might I add I almost always want to dress up nice and spiffy if I'm going out. 
So I found a compromise, comfy cozy grandpa sweater leggings and vintage oxfords?! I think so.

See my hair? Its orange! I'm working on bleaching it without killing it completely.
So in the mean time its orange with pink on the tips.

Also, isn't this little purse the cutest?! My dad found it at a thrift store in North Bay in the summer and got it for me (how cute is he?) 

sweater from Value Village 
Shirt from Urban Outfitters 
Leggings ?
Knee highs from Target 
Shoes a present from Caren 
Purse thrifted 

Do you have a comfy go to outfit? 

Miss W


  1. Yes yes that bag is so cute! Your hair looks great.

  2. Awh you're so cute! :D It was great seeing you a couple of weeks ago, I haven't seen you in forever!
    My go to item is definitely this reddish orange pullover sweater from H&M with elbow patches, it's so comfy! :D
    -charlotte <3