Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh my deer darling

Something I simply adore about living in the country is the wild life. 
Just yesterday I had two sweet deer come right in front of my house just to eat and take a peek around.
I have a serious thing for deer let me tell you...
I have always found them perfect in every way possible. Delicate, strong, gentle, sweet and alert.
For a while I even contemplated making myself a true Audrey Hepburn and adopt a fawn..
Although that didn't go too well with the parents ;)
I got to look at these beautiful creatures for a half hour yesterday and swoon over how sweet they were.

do you have a favourite animal that you just adore?



  1. I love these creatures. I too live in the country and I enjoy the times they come up close to let me watch them. Of course I have.. 7 dogs and the moment is always ruined much to soon.

  2. I love deer! They are just the best

  3. That first picture is just adorable! I love it!

  4. Beautiful! Yes, I recently came across ferrets! They seemed absolutely perfect, until I found out you needed to take two and saw the bite marks they leave, ouch.

  5. I never see deer! I would be so excited!!

  6. gorgeous! deer used to roam down near bristol and come into the garden of my cousins house. you would be showering or in the bathroom one day and notice one entering a staring competetion with you. amazing amazing animals


  7. These are amazing pictures! I so wish I lived near dear roming areas heehee. Also my favorite animal would have to be bunnys. They are amazingly fast and fluffy. What else can you ask for.