Thursday, June 14, 2012

dogs, bikes and bangs

Have I ever mentioned that my dog Max is a bit of an interesting dog?  He sits in my moss in the garden and smells the lavender.
Is he adorable or what?

On another note! I got my bike out today and for the first time in two years went for a bike ride. 
It was so so wonderful I snapped a few photos just to share my sweet night.

did you notice something different? I got fed up with my long side bangs and chopped them off! I now have my old fringe back :) It feels so good.



  1. Love : your bangs, your dress, the last picture.


  2. max is such a cutie!

    and i love your bike. :)

  3. Oh Max! I want to give him a big cuddle, what a teddy bear! Your bike is sweet and that dress is so cute! Where did you get it from? xxxx

  4. I love everything about this post. Your dog, your hair, your bike, your dress! It's all too adorable (if that's even possible).

  5. The pictures of you riding on your bike are so cute.
    I love the feel of freshly cut bangs!

  6. Love the photos of the bike! Its really adorable; plus your dress is also divine.

    Your puppy look like he would be a great dog just to hug.