Monday, May 28, 2012

This girl does tatting!

Have you ever heard of tatting?
Tatting is a lost art that's in between crochet and Lace making. 
It's usually used for edging on handkerchiefs. Its a form of knotting with thread.
It's made with some crochet thread and a tatting shuttle.

Have you heard of tatting before? 
Always be open to try something new :)



  1. So cool! You should do a DIY video on this! I would love to give tatting a try!

  2. That was almost hypnotic! You make it look so easy.pretty.simple... love the project with your Mama.
    P.S.. your photos have really got a lovely quality to them lately - love all those 'macro' shots of various elements around the home.. beauty-full.
    needle and nest

  3. What? Let's see...I want to know what it looks like :)

  4. Oh that is so cooooool! I want to learn. Because, you know, I need another hobby.

  5. My library had an evening "class" on tatting last year - It was fascinating. I have a shuttle now but I haven't done anything since the one-time class. I'd love to hear more about techniques. You hold yours differently than anyone in the class did.