Thursday, April 5, 2012

A cute drawn Astrid by the lovely Elycia!

Holy adorableness batman!!! 

I was a super lucky girl and went to read one of my all time favourite blogs and as I scrolled down, there I was in adorable drawn goodness! 
*insert squeals the boys from "Friends"dancing and singing* (and yes I watch too much friends..)

I'm simply in love with this drawing of me! Makes me so incredibly happy! Thanks Elycia!!!! 
I'm seeing this lovely lady next week actually so photos and cuteness shall be expected here on the blog.

(How many exclamation marks can a gal do in one post?!? haha)



  1. Hahaha I just posted about my drawing too. SO cute they are!! You look adorable as a cartoon...and well, as not a cartoon too so it makes sense hehe.

    What are you guys doing? Is Elycia coming to Ptbo?!?!! :D

  2. I'm so happy you like your cartoon :)
    In response to Carly...nope, not this time! Astrid is making her way down to Hamilton!

  3. hello adorableness!! Love all the happy cameras in that drawing! eep!

  4. SO CUTE
    and on a side note... booyea for Canadian bloggers!! :)