Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As the forest gets ready for bed

Hello darlings.

I'm here with a photo shoot I had last night! 

(full affect listening to this song while scrolling)


I haven't had a photo shoot in soooo long *gasp*! 
All of  a sudden last night I got a burst of creativity and got my craft on with some small projects and then thought, "hey" I should have a photo shoot! It was a bit late, 8:30  pm to be exact... but the air was warm and lovely and cool against my skin. I heard the peepers peeping and the forest getting ready for bed.
It couldn't have been more of a perfect moment for me.

I lay myself on a white warm blanket and lit some tea lights. I could have stayed there all night.... (if I didn't hear freaky movement in the bushes that got my mind thinking BEAR! haha)

Did you like these photos? 



  1. LOVE the photos. so ethereal. Gorgeous as always!

  2. oh my gosh.. "did you like these photos?" LIKE THEM!? ohemgee, they're wonderful. I personally adore, the second one. <33

  3. This are so beautiful Astrid! I love the whimsy, the soft white pallet and most of the candles and the christmas lights. You look absolutely stunning. In fact I almost got a little emotional thinking of days gone by. Lovely job lovely lady!

  4. Oh my goodness everyone! Thank you so so much! <3 And yes I did take them!


  5. So visually poetic!
    One of your best posts ever!
    A beautiful moment in time....

  6. These pictures are so sweet! I think listening to the song while looking at the pictures definitely enhanced the moment ;) It totally suits the pictures! You are so pretty :)
    -charlotte <3

  7. Your photos look wonderful, I especially love the 2nd, 9th and 10th. You look so peaceful and the pictures look so sweet and magical!
    I'm a young blogger to at 14 and come from England! I blog at www.theyellowbuttercup.blogspot.com
    - Becky X

  8. absolutely lovely, my dear! love the woodland fairy feel. you're beautiful :)

  9. The song goes so well with them! Very cute!

    I love the last 3 photos especially, very whimsical!


  10. Astrid, is that the dress your Mum sent me when I was 18, and I sent back to you about 2 or 3 years ago, about 20 years after your Mum sent it to me? It looks beautiful. I did some photos with it in the first year of art college in Sydney.
    Please thank your Mum for her card and I'll have to write soon.
    Great to see the dress is treasured. If you have a daughter you'll have to give it to her! It is a perfect dress for being 18, but perhaps 16 is the new 18! I saw sofawned made a comment on the tinyhappy blog in NZ- what a small world. Glad I saw the pics,
    VJ in oz.

  11. Those photos are insanely gorgeous! So magical looking.