Monday, February 27, 2012

A walk to remember and cherish

The sweet wind in your hair.. the feeling of breathing in fresh cold crisp air... Walking and smiling at people walking by.. I love walks in the city.
Me and Caren (Miss Godmommy) took her pup Grace for a walk in the park and it was definitely a walk to remember.
We both wore our 'ish' cowboy boots (Would you call them cowboy boots?) that make a darling *click, click, click* noise thats music to my ears. We saw children sliding down hills in the snow, we saw cute bundled up people and we saw cute pups! 

I'll be back with a cute lil video we made of us singing and forgetting all the words and a video of our click clacking shoes! 



  1. you are SO pretty!! i love these pictures!! <3 annnd your new header!!

  2. Awe Merci Elisha! Your too sweet! xox

  3. Love the New Blog Design!!!

    You three are the cutest!

  4. fun fun! You gals are cute and hilarious - love Caren's karate move there... and your boot(ies)! Great new header designs too! xo

  5. Your boots are wonderful! And I like the look of those photos!

    xo Jen