Monday, December 19, 2011

What I'm wearing/new dress!

Hello my darlings! 
How are you?! I'm good but super busy *gasp*! So many christmas presents to buy and I'm hopping all over the place like a little bunny trying to keep up with getting ready for christmas (one week?!) seeing my boyfriend as much as possible, planning for after christmas to see some friends in Toronto, calming down and taking yoga, posting on this here blog and eating delicious cookies! *phew* thats a lot.

Throughout all that craziness I got this darling new dress for a whopping $11! Now thats a deal if I ever saw one ;) 

This outfit was just too cute! (if I  do say so myself). Its simple, yet retro, comfortable and cozy! All in one! Just what I'm always looking for in an outfit but is hard to find. I have a feeling this will be my little 'go to' outfit for now on. 

What I'm Wearing:
Dress, Urban Planet (this store I don't usually shop at since a lot of the clothing is more 'teenager' oriented and I'm no regular teen.) 
Belt and purse, thrifted
Cardigan, H&M
Hat, Bootlegger
Leg warmers, H&M 
Oxfords, Spring 
(heels in second photo) Forever 21

Do you have a go to outfit? 
And how are you coping with the craziness of the holidays?



  1. Such a beautiful dress, and I am breathless about your purse :) You are just too cute, love your poses, I will have to remember those for my what I am wearing posts....


  2. what?? $11? it's amazing. you look so freaking cute astrid!! lets hangout soon please.

    confession: i used to work at urban planet for a year and a half...about 6 years ago when i was still in pickering,'s a crappy store but sometimes they have some rare, cute this dress! & usually that is the stuff that is on sale cause the people who actually shop there wouldn't buy that kind of stuff, haha :)

  3. SO adorable! I agree about urban planet - not the greatest quality and all but sometimes you can find the coziest sweaters or the coolest dresses!! It can surprise you for sure :)

    Love the outfit lots!


  4. you. are. adorableeee!!! :P your poses, your clothes, the header, and the TIGHTS! <3 soooo cuutee girl! :)

    follow me?

  5. Hi Astrid! My name is Kayla and I'm seventeen and live in Kansas :) I am in lovee with the All You Need is Love that's on your wall in these pictures and would love to do something similar in my own room! Would you mind letting me know how you did it? :)

  6. Hello Kayla! Email me at and I would be more than glad to tell you and help you out!