Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 12: Three blogs I can’t get enough of.

Day 12: Three blogs I can’t get enough of.

Now this was too hard to choose because I love and follow hundreds of blogs. So I have my top four favourite blogs.

This blog is beautiful. Only way I can describe it is whimsical.
I have followed daydream lily for quite some time and just adore all the pretty things.

If I could love this blog anymore its very possible my brain might have a melt down and explode.
Kaylah is of of the most wonderful people out there.
Shes a crafy, thrifty,  happy, rad chick who loves spending her days walking the woods colecting mushrooms, scouting out thriftstores and hunting for vintage goods. Oh and dressing her kitties up ;)
I love her as a person and look up to her for how she spends her time.

Love Elycia 

Elycia is the sweetest girl!
I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing gal at one of my mothers art shows and we had a blast taking photos <3
She is one of the most inspiring people and I adore her.
She has such a great taste for vintage goods! She collects pyrex as well, one of my favourites.

Well my dear darlings, thats it! My four favourite blogs! 



  1. you are the sweetest astrid! I can't wait to see you again on Wednesday!! :)