Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days Hath November days 16 & 17

For days 16 and 17 for 30 Days Hath November I'm doing two posts in one.

They both are about Caren.

For day 16: Someone Who Inspires Me.
My godmother Caren is a huge inspiration for me.
Whenever I'm with her we both get little splurges of inspiration for each other.
We could sit in a white room and talk forever about random happy things. Never tiring of the fact that were in a white boring box. (does that make any sense or am I babbling about a random white box no one understands?).
Caren is such an amazing gal and I will never stop being inspired by her.

Day 17: My Family.

I don't have many photos of my family all together.. and if I do they are from a few years ago.
My parents are a little camera shy as well. So I shall explain my family instead...

Both my parents are artists. My mother is a national artist and my father is a former 'dumpster diver who makes art out of rad things'. I have one brother who isn't artsy in the least bit but has had an obsession with cars since a very young age and is now in Toronto selling audi cars and living his dream.
Now thats my blood family but I have another family I can tell you about..
And that would be Caren once again.
Caren and her mother Ruth are the closest thing to what I consider family other than my own.
She is there for me, I'm there for her. We feel comfortable with each other and have been through a lot together.
I have known her for years and ever since I met her I have felt like she is family.
They are my extended family.

(My mother and I. Photo by Caren)


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  1. I love you so much!! I'm all teary-eyed reading this post. In a good way!
    Also, I totally get the white box thing. We would totally take crayons to that white box and make it something happy :)