Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Astrid vlogs! Books that animate art

Astrid vlogging?! Yes, you heard right...
I would love to make it a monthly go at it but I'll need the help of you awesome followers to support me in this! I find vlogging an interesting thing... because reading someone's blog you see and get  a feel for who they are, kinda like a book and seeing them talk and such, all of a sudden is just so wonderful. 

Squee! I squirm watching it ;) Its like listening to yourself on the phone. But in video form! Teehee... 
Anyone else notice I said 'inspire' 10 times? As you may have noticed when I'm a little nervous I babble and say the same words a lot.
Back to the books though! Those are my favourites pretty much of all time.
At any time I can look at them and think of something creative I can work on in the art world.
Because being an artist (a young one but I think I count right?) is hard at times. It can be stressful feeling the need to make but not having ideas. Do you ever feel this way?
It can stress me out to the max at times... So whenever I feel a little artist block I get dressed in some funky getup and slap on the red lipstick and read some books! 

the list of lovelies 

Brave on the rocks by Sabrina Ward Harrison 
The Sweeter side of R. Crumb by Robert Crumb
Just Being Audrey by Margaret Cardillo
Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm (Illustrations by Daniel Egneus)
Audrey Hepburn From BrickBooks
The Gir Who Was Afraid Of Bears By Ann Jaeger
Happy Kitty Bunny Ponny byCharles S. Anderson Design Company 
How To Be An Explorer Of The World By Keri Smith 
The Seventeen Book Of Fashion And Beauty By The Editors Of Seventeen 
The Lonesome Puppy By Yoshitomo Nara 
The Story Of Frog Belly Rat Bone By Timothy Basil Ering 
And The Pursuit Of Happiness By Maria Kalman 

I highly recommend running to the nearest library and checking these out at once!
I hope you find them as splendid as I do.



    -Syddd <3 <3 <3

  2. Awesome first vlog! Inspiring, even! :)

    I have to get that Audrey children's book ... HAVE TO! Also, that Little Red Riding book's artwork is stunning ... must read it when I come over!

    I definitely get creatively inspired by vintage books - childrens illustrations, pulp fiction covers, old magazines, etc. Also, books filled with art! I love my Charley Harper and Print & Pattern books - never fail to make me swoon & want to draw!

  3. I love it when people post Vlogs, you really get to see them for who they are a little more :) Super sweet!
    You've got a good speaking voice, can't wait to see more vlogs ;)

    I too collect illustrated books - from graphic novels to kids books, I just love them and the artwork in some of them!