Sunday, August 21, 2011

Its been raining all day and goodness me, I love it! 
I have been busy everyday almost all summer and this day of laying down, watching tv, catching up on all the blog posts I missed last week, eating spring rolls, and curling up with my puppy, is exactly what I need.
All completely wonderful happy things.
What have you been doing today?
Do you enjoy rainy days?



  1. Hi Astrid! I found my way to your blog via Love Elycia! Your blog is so cute!

    I have recently move to South Florida and it rains just about every day here, sometimes even twice a day! I have quickly learned to enjoy it and carry on with my everyday routine, even in the rain!

  2. Rained here this morning too, but I'm from South Florida as well! Key West, actually. What have I been up to today? Knitting silk and glass beads, sipping wine, writing letters. Real letters - pen and ink, stamps and envelopes. Every one of them sent off with hopes of a smile at mail call to a deployed soldier or marine.