Monday, August 29, 2011

Ptbo folk fest?!

Why hello lovelies!
Have you ever heard of the Peterborough Folk Festival?
Its positively wonderful.
Local artist love, good music, good food, and wonderful friends.
 We (Caren and I) met up with Lucky (Jennifer from Lucky Jackson art) and hung out and bought art from her lovely shop all day, going back for more multiple times ;)

 Is she not adorable in every aspect?!

We also had the joy of seeing Erin from 26 Mermaids at the fest!
I got a wish bracelet and am just loving it! So pretty!

Caren brought a wish bracelet for Lucky and We all put them on and were matching hehe

A little hula hoop lovin to end the day?

Twas a wonderful time.
Have you had your local dose of love lately?



  1. That looks absolutely divine!!! It makes me wish I knew when all of the local festivals here in Indianapolis were, but I haven't lived here long enough to figure that out yet. lol :)

  2. aw, sweet photos astrid! I though you'd have been there, but I came around 7ish... so all the stalls were closed ;( I sadly missed Lucky Jackson, I love her art! the music there was amazing :)

  3. Oh thats too bad Tabetha :( Get asking and I'm sure you will get some awesome local loving!

    Oh I was gone then charlotte :( hear some good music I bet!

    Thanks Tara!


  4. awww. i wish i had of been in town for that. it looks like a lot of fun and in all of my (almost) 4 years of living here, i've never been. lucky's stuff is just divine, i love it!!

  5. Aww I'm sad I didn't go! I'll have to remember for next year. Looks like it was fun!

  6. The second to last photo just before the gif made me crack up! You look like you are having so much fun hula hooping! What a lovely folky festival! :]

    xo Amy

    PS You should have a lovely blog award! I tagged you here.