Thursday, August 11, 2011


Do you ever get this bored/anxious feeling? Like you need to change?
This is what I'm going through right now. 
I'm leaving for a week to help teach art with my mother and was thinking sometime next week I want to re-cut my bangs  and chop off these silly 'non-bangs' and get a few shades of redish brown and do a lil dip dye hair fun! I want to just switch up my look. Do you ever get this way? Feel the need to do something daring and outrageous? 
I'm also here to say, I will try my best to post a few times during the week. Sorry for the lack of blog love here! Still in summer mode!

(first photo I don't have dirt on my nose..)


  1. I totally feel like that right now! I want to put pink in my hair. And chop it all off. Go punk.
    I won't though. Well, maybe I'll put some pink in there. ;)

  2. those glasses are adorable!! and i've been thinking of doing the same thing with my hair...a dip dye in like a raisin shade, just a bit lighter or maybe some underneath peek a boo highlights...i haven't totally decided yet!