Monday, May 9, 2011

you know what's not fun? Pink eye.

Oh dear...
It started with my mother having a pink eye-ish thing.
Then it caught on and now we all have it.
So I'm siting in bed today listening to Bishop Allen's CD that my good friend from North Bay sent me.
Just loving the sweetness kinda vibe this music is giving me.
Its a warm sunny day that I will spend in and out of the house just enjoying myself and embracing being sick. Hey, if I get it now I wont again for a while *winks* ( I like to think of the good in everything as you see ).
I hope you all have a wonderful day and don't forget to pop by latter today for My Heart Monday!



  1. oh noooo! I have never had pink eye but I had an allergic reaction to some face cream once that made my eye itchy and swollen. It was the WORST!!! I hope you get better soon. Eye ailments are definitely a downer.

  2. Yuck! You always seem to be sick :P I can't wait for my hear monday!!

  3. being sick is no fun...i'm just getting over bronchitis.
    hopefully you'll start feeling better soon!