Friday, May 13, 2011

The finished bedroom!

Its done!
Bed has been bought and made.
Pillows have been made.
Art hung.
And its been lived and loved (the most important thing in my mind to a great room).
So here it is!

 (Nothing like drinking a nice cup of tea in the room :)

Carpet from Urban outfitters! Could I love that store anymore? Nope.

Plushies accumulated over the years at The One Of A Kind Show.

The parents came home from thrifting (yes, without me *gasp*) and I saw this amazing sign they got and just snuck it into my room. Once they saw it in the perfect spot in my window they gave it to me :)

Wall of embroidery. Two of these (the camera and the typewriter) are made lovingly by My Girl Thursday.
All the others I made.

Top art by Lucky Jackson. Underneath spam painted by myself.

SX-70 drawn by my dad and I. Took us nearly 3 hours to perfect it but we finally did!

Wall of inspiration.

Just some art I was working on.

My wall of photos. Still working on it but its growing ^.^ With three lovely prints from Mary Robinson one of my favourite photographers, bought by my ever so most amazing godmother Caren <3

New vintage Clock.

And there it is! FINALLY! :) There's nothing like sleeping in this room, seeing the fairy lights wound around my bed and peeping my window open to listen to the crickets. 
     What do you think?!
Do you have a favourite room in  your house/apartment? Blogged about it? Shoot me a link!



  1. I love love love the room! So pretty!

  2. you have the coolest room ever, astrid.
    still got a record player in there?
    totally completes everything :)
    I love your plushies!

  3. your bedroom inspires me so much! i love it :)

  4. You are NOT helping me resisting the urge to redo my room... such a great space!! Good job :) I love it