Saturday, April 9, 2011

what I'm wearing spring edition

Today hit 13 degrees.
The sun was up and shining!
The robins chirping.
So we (as in my mother father and I) decided to go to the library.
It was the perfect day to wear a nice little dress thrifted the day before.

Dress, thrifted for $3
Tights, urban planet?
Belt, thrifted $2
Sunglasses, thrifted 25 cents?
Cardigan, H&M $19
Sandals, Birkenstock 

What are you wearing this pretty spring day? Blog about it? Shoot me a link!



  1. I'm wearing my ugly brown old man sweater, jeggings, and a smile. :)

  2. I love the dress! You got that 2nd hand? scooore!
    I'm wearing my 'villain' tee {from Hamlet} and I was wearing a knit cardigan but I went on a bike ride and I got boiled :P It's so warm today!

  3. that dress is totally adorable. what a great pattern! i was at the library today too...wish we had of run into each other :)

  4. You look totally cute in that dress. My outfits are recorded on my blog nearly daily, but right now I'm wearing skinny jeans, nude brogues, a vintage feather print top, and an army green jacket.

  5. Ahhhhh I love this dress more everytime i look at it. I almost wish you hadn't got it second hand so I could buy it too!! But it was such a killer deal, how could I wish that =]