Saturday, April 23, 2011

they call me romper girl

I got this romper the other day at a thrift store, half off for only $2! I got the belt I'm wearing with it for $1 as well.
I have been wanting to try out a romper for a while now but I do have to admit I have been hesitant. It's a style that can go both ways in my opinion. So you have to get it just right to work.
So when I saw this romper I did think, 'hmm..... can I pull this off?'. When I first saw the the long legs I immediately thought that has to go. So I got my mom to hem them to a short length *sigh* MUCH better :)



  1. I LOVE rompers! I just got one yesterday that is polka-dotted and plaid. It's lovely! I love yours, also! I saw one that looked quite a lot like it where I got my other romper! Love your blog, just don't comment enough!


  2. i absolutely love it! and you are so beautiful.

  3. yay! I knew they'd be the cutest thing ever after they got shortened! You are ROCKIN' the romper!
    Betcha you wait for summer, so you can wear it about downtown riding your cruiser bike! woot!
    Also, I love your happy thoughts. xox

  4. You look fantastic! Very cute romper!! :)

  5. $3 for an outfit is pretty darn good!! Plus is it uber cute and sweet. And I just noticed in your side bar you collect vintage cameras as well! Aren't they the coolest looking things? My dream vintage camera would be a Rolleiflex. And if it worked that would be even better!

  6. super cute! gotta love those prices, too.


  7. I love the pattern of the romper :)
    scooore, a $3 outfit??? Where do you go thrifting???

  8. that's such a cute romper...what a steal! bargains feel great :)