Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh my goodness....

 I love my dad too much.
Yesterday, when I came home from a friends house, I went into my room to show my mom the IKEA unit my father and I made. On top I noticed a little brown case and picked it up....

I screeched and looked inside. In that moment I died. I fell in love within seconds.
This is what lay inside...

My dad found that pretty for me and thought it would be a fantastic gift for his daughter.
I truly love my dad way too much <3
Has your dad  ever gotten you an unexpected pretty present?

have a wonderful sunshiny day!



  1. I love the pictures you took! And what a kind dad!
    When I was about 13 I really wanted this small glass trinket case I saw at a fleamarket but I couldn't afford it. My dad went back that day and got it for me. It's actually kinda ugly and the door is falling off, but I can't part with it because it was so sweet!

  2. Oh. My. Goddess.
    to your dad: Martin, you are the bee's knees!!!
    to you: squeeeeee!!!!!! only the bestest Polaroid EVER! We can do a twin photo shoot! :P
    The film I gave you for your bday works with that camera, but it's a tricky film. visit for more info on the film. :)

  3. p.s. my love of cameras is the best gift my dad gave me; that & the unicorn music box he gave me when I was a little girl & madly in love with unicorns. xox

  4. you are a lucky girl! my parents don't 'get' thrift shopping and aren't really into antique stores either so i've never gotten a lovely present like that one! that's so so nice of him and what a nice little note too.

    you have the best camera collection. i'm forever jealous.

  5. it is absolutely beautiful + so are you!

    what a special gift. it is wonderful that you treasure these special moments with your dad.


  6. Oh wow!!! Lucky you! What does this make... 34 cameras??? Cute :)

  7. I totally heart vintage camera's too!