Monday, March 14, 2011

My Heart Monday

I have a new feature for you.
'My Heart Monday' will be something I do every Monday. It will be a cluster of photos I have 'hearted' on We Heart It. 
Say what? You have never heard of we heart it?! *gasp* this website and I have a little love affair going on ;).
The only way to explain this website, is thousands upon thousands of pretty photos. I like to say its more of a 'free place to store thoughts turned to photos'. Check it out!
Alrighty, here we go! 
My very first 'My Heart Monday'.



  1. love it. pictures are so cute, especially the one with the deer looking through the door, brill.

  2. Ahhh this is the most clever thing, I loove weheartit! Those are adorable pictures, especially the deer!

  3. Cool! These pictures are sooo neat!