Thursday, March 3, 2011

33 cameras and counting

I finally did it! 
I took photos of all (Well most) of my cameras! 
You only see 24 cameras in the photo below because I did not want to spend forever making sure each photo looked perfect and ended up having a few blurry shots. But in truth I have 33.
My lovely collection of cameras (mostly vintage polaroid's and other various makes. I also snuck in a shot of my Nikon D80 and Fuji film instax.)  And if your wondering if I am still looking out for more, the answer to that is yes. There will always be room in my heart for more.
So with enough ado!
Here is my pride and joy!

There they are. My babies.

Here are a few shots of where my pretty's spend their days when not traveling around with me in my purse...

Do you collect something? If so tell me what you do! And if you have a blog and shared photos send me a link!



  1. My goodness! 33 is a lot of cameras! I saw a really cute camera in a thrift shop on vacation last summer! I really regret not getting one, they were only $8! Your cameras are so cute! (if a camera can be really considered 'cute'!)

  2. THIS IS AMAZING!! I love seeing them all in one spot!!

  3. I want to play with all of those pretty pretty cameras! Congrats on being the proud owner of 33 cameras. I'm not jealous. ;)
    I LOVE that collage of you holding different cameras! It would make a fabulous poster. :)

  4. I love the photos!

    I really LOVE Vintage Cameras too! I've blogged about some of mine before! :)

    Have a great day! :)

  5. oops! I forgot share a blog-link to some of my camera collection (Samantha Marie reminded me with her camera overload!)

  6. awesome :)
    I ♥ vintage cameras too....but don't have nearly as many as you!
    Enjoy that collection of yours.

  7. you and your camera collection are awesome!