Monday, January 17, 2011

a new friend made ^_^

Guess who came to my mothers book signing at the Grimsby Art Gallery?
Elicia and her soon to by husband Ivan!
I heard that she lived in the Grimsby region and invited her to pop on over for a blogger to blogger meet!
Oh the fun elicia, my mother, Ivan and my friend from the Gallery Azalea and I had.
We took tons of photos cause how can two fellow bloggers not?! (truth is they can't! hehe).
My mom could not get over the fact that we both did the same flippy eye liner thingie!

I love this photo of us <3 

My mother said to strike a pose (any time I say that I always think of Madonna and vogue) ;).

our happy face photo! 

when my mom said to act natural we did our little funky floaty arm dance. I found it cute that we did the same thing without any planning :O we are just too cool we have crazy telepathic skills *wink*

time for some silly shots! 

Elicia and Ivan are awesome.

I had a blast and if you pop on over to her blog I think she did too!

I was so excited I went straight for this post and skipped all the other days I was in Hamilton and Grimsby, oh dear. So tomorrow I will post a bunch of other photos I took from our trip!

love of love!



  1. yeah! great photos :) you have the best face in that last one, hehe. ivan and i had sooo much fun :) hope to see you again soon!

  2. Okay, could the two of you be any cuter? ... The answer is No! Gadzooks, but the sweetness factor is extremely high! xox!
    p.s. so fabulous to see you today, dear Astrid! Love those Instax shots of you & Elycia!

  3. I loved being able to read about the same happening on two different blogs. I think maybe you two do have some telepathetic powers or something...haha.
    Very very cute!

  4. those pictures are so cute it looks like you had a fun time :D

  5. Cool!! I love your shoes. The pictures are awesome :) Elicia looks really cool :) I love her etsy shop!!! I love the picture of you with your chins up on the teacup table :)

  6. You guys are so adorable! :D how cool to meet like that xo