Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hamilton part two!

Oh my, Hamilton part two *wink* we, (my mother and I) had some wonderful times..
We went to The Print Studio to do one of the pieces in my moms show in silk screen form.
We got some wonderful help from Delio, (Congrats again on the baby!). 
Made new friends, ate cupcakes and went to Fbass (out friend Toms brothers workshop.).
Too much wonderful-ness. Yes that is not a word but who cares?! I don't ^_^

lots of love.


p.s. I decided to put my trip into two parts so its not a 'post' overload ;) 


  1. You are too cute. Looks like you had loads of fun. HOW amazing is that yarn bombing? I need to do that where I live! Love your haircut btw xoxo

  2. aw thanks! Yes me and my friend are talking about yarn bombing where we live!

  3. Oh there's that crochet tree again :)
    Cute pictures!