Thursday, December 16, 2010

a fresh new 'a girl named astrid'

I have been thinking. 
Every night before I go to sleep its what I think about.
Fresh, crisp, simple.
Those three words describe a lot.
I am going to re-do 'a girl named astrid' in the next few months, Fresh, crisp and simple is what I'm going for.
But don't worry! I wont be changing my way of writing, photos and all that jazz ;) Thats me and I would never change that. I'm just wanting it to be more simple and more about the posts, photos and a happy lovely world. It hopefully when done will be a place where you can go to just enjoy. No silly stuff. It will be relaxing fun and loving ^_^
So I'm just warning all lovely beautiful readers that if you are reading my blog and something seems a little not right, thats just me trying to make it perfect.
So keep reading and keep loving.