Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 1 Eeep!

So I have decided I will do each day in a post so its not an overload of photos :)

Day #1

Day one was a blast! Woke up, got outta bed, swiped a comb across my head ;) then jumped on the bus to Toronto!
Alek picked us up on a blustery cold day and we were on our way to Grimsby! Of course not without a small (Ok pretty  long) visit to the Hamilton mall for a little forever 21 bliss.
After getting the jeans I have been wanting and even posted here we were back on the road to Grimsby!
We got there and basically got lost for about two hours just trying to find the Gallery (I promise it's not that hard we were just super  stupid *wink*).
After finding it and seeing the space my moms show would be in, we went off to a small park by the water (Lake Ontario) and I swear it was like being back in Newfound land! It was SO pretty! 
Here are a few photos took with my darling brothers I phone 4 *lucky duck!* 

I hope you enjoyed day 1! I promise day 2 will have WAY more photos!


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