Saturday, November 13, 2010

red and black

On this lovely Saturday (It's so warm! I was hot in a sweater!)
I decided to have a little photo shoot ^_^
I chose the dress my mom got for me at a vintage store in Owen Sound. It's a gothic-ish red dress with a black lace trim! It's rather strange for me to love such a dark dress but I just adore it!
So I put it on with my favorite pair of tights heels and sweater.
Brought my polaroid, tripod and I was on my way!




  1. Oh! This is a fabulous 'shoot! That dress fits you SO perfectly! And your hair - that's an awesome style. You are so lovely.
    Also, you took a Polaroid! I want to see it closer up ... is it looking down at your skirt & shoes?
    Love this, love you!

  2. This is so gorgeous! What a lovely place to take your photos!

  3. Aww thanks girls! I had totally forgotten about the run down swing from the previous owners of our house (very creeyp) ^_^