Thursday, August 5, 2010

rain on a summers day

I love it when it rains, when the dark clouds come rolling around and the air changes.
Its been raining for a few days in a row, but today its sunny and bright! Oddly enough though I want it to rain today! The one sunny day in three days and I would like it to rain... I really am a strange girl.
Here are some photos I found today that reflect the mood I would feel right now if it were to rain.
(I'm SO sorry that only two photos have a link as to where I found them, It was impossible! So I'm very sorry.)

SUCH a fantastic photo!

This photo is so fun. I adore it!

This is what me and my friends enjoy doing, running out in the rain and dancing

cute rain boot

I love this entire scene!

Back soon!



  1. I was glad to get a little rain today where I live :) Sometimes it's just a nice relief!

  2. I loved the little rain we had earlier (actually, i missed it, but did take Grace for a walk right after!).
    I love the rain, and I love sloshing around in it, too.
    This post made me smile. :)