Saturday, August 14, 2010

a day of joy and love

Today ( right now as well ) I am with Caren!
She came today for lunch and tea :)
We had a super yummy rice for lunch and then got to work snapping away! We went to my room and played with pearls and took polaroid shots! (well Caren did, I'm a polaroid hoarder and have so far only took two shots lol)
We also had two photo shoots, one with a vintage skirt (soon to be in Carens vintage etsy shop!) and my grandmothers wedding dress!
All in all it was a fantabulous day and we both had a fabu time!




  1. happy day!
    happy photo-taking!
    happy vintage!
    happy polaroids (will scan & share soon!)
    hugs & kisses!

  2. Whoa.

    I feel like you've grown up by about 5 years since I last saw you. Don't do that!