Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cooking class

I'm back! I took a cooking class in Haliburton for a week.
It was very fun!
I learned how to make Croissants, Peppermint Meringues with Chocolate Ganache, Sushi, homemade pasta, Chicken Cordonbleu, Chicken dumpling's, and how to chop up a chicken Julie Child style ;)
I think we had a very good class... four people counting me! We blast daft punk music and MGMT and decided to put the fan by the door so when people would walk by they would drool!
(we had a pretty rad teacher, can you tell?)

( just a few photo's because I almost always had flour or butter on my hands!)

I wish I could give you all Peppermint Meringue's with Chocolate Ganache through the amazing way of internet! ( sadly no one has invented that yet )

Bon Apetite!




  1. Happy food!!
    That really does sound like a lovely cooking class - croissants! meringues! cordonbleu! Oh so Julia!
    p.s. love that last shot, of an (apron or skirt?) and those awesome shoes.

  2. Love the flour on your forehead, lol

  3. Your making me hungry and I just ate supper!
    Too bad you weren't there 2 weeks ago, you could have seen me compete!