Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beautiful Blogger!

I was nominated for a beautiful blogger award!
From a friend named Charlotte.
I first off have to thank Charlotte SO much for this.
It says to copy and paste the award to your blog.
Then say seven interesting things about you.
then contact the person your giving it to.
Here are some things you don't know about me...
#1 I don't like sea food.
#2 I'm a bit of a geek when it come's to Doctor who.
#3 I'm a tom boy ( I still love dresses though! )
#4 I have a soft spot for Aston Martin's
#5 I can't live a DAY without my i pod! <3
#6 I was almost named after the child of woe ( wednesday )
#7 last but not least I love Tofu!
Then it says to pass it on to 15 people that you think are amazing blogger's... now I on the other hand think it's nice to give it to one person, so that person will be....
I love Mary's photos and her blog so much!
well ciao for now!
A girl named Astrid


  1. Hi Astrid, Australia here. I just had to say hi on your blog after getting your postcard. But I don't want to start emailing/commenting you cause I'm an old fashioned letter writer and I love letters. But best of luck with the blog and I'll write you a paper letter. Best to everyone, VJ.