Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Foundling an art show

My mother is a artist and just last weekend she had another show this one at the Canadian Clay and glass gallery. This show is about unwed mothers and there baby's. I took a LOT of photos but I chose the best to put on here ( I'm sure you don't want to look at over a hundred photo's :P) So here they are! Photos from 'Foundling'

So there it is...
Ciao for now!


  1. Oh my goodness - Michele has created a true 'domestic act of love'! Your photos of her show perfectly capture each stitch of love that was put into this exhibition.

    Michele, this is heartwarming ode to all the Foundlings that came before us & those yet to come.

    p.s. LOVE yours & Michele's outfits!!! glee!
    p.p.s. WONDERFUL photography!

  2. Oh gosh, your mother is so brilliant -- let her know that I adore the exhibit & wish I could see it myself!!

  3. thanks everyone! I will send my mother all the love :)